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Columbia UniversityThe President's Report 2002-2007
Academic Initiatives
From the Task Force on Undergraduate Education to the integration of service learning into the curriculum, Columbia is continually working to improve the quality, breadth, depth, and relevance of its academic initiatives. The past five years have seen 73 new degree programs, increased internationalization of the curricula, and an expansion of interdisciplinary endeavors.
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Curricular Enhancements

Expansion of the Arts
The role of the arts, from curricula to performance to scholarship, has never been stronger.

New Degree Programs
From creative writing to climate and society, Columbia’s offerings continue to expand.
Interdisciplinary Thinking

Creating opportunities for different disciplines to learn from each other and collaborate has been an important part of the University’s mission. Interdisciplinary partnerships, discourse, and research have flourished in the past five years with active encouragement from the administration.

One good example of such interdisciplinary thinking can be found in the field of neuroscience, where Columbia already has two Nobel Prize winners in Richard Axel and Eric Kandel. In March 2006, the University announced plans to establish the Jerome L. Greene Science Center, which will be among the world’s preeminent centers for education and research in the neurosciences and their connection to fields as diverse as economics and fine arts.

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