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Columbia UniversityThe President's Report 2002-2007
Faculty & Research
Columbia prides itself on the excellence of its faculty—as scholars, artists, teachers, and innovators. In the past five years, strong academic leadership, a cadre of new deans, and numerous notable faculty appointments have energized the University. Research breakthroughs and intellectual innovation have helped transform our understanding of the world around us. Columbia has also strengthened its commitment to diversity as a crucial element of a vital academic community, helping to enhance the University’s position at the forefront of international scholarship.
Groundbreaking Work
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Diversity Initiative

Academic Leadership
Provost Alan Brinkley, Executive Vice President Lee Goldman, and Vice President Nicholas Dirks

New Deans
Welcoming new leaders to the schools of journalism, medicine, business, law, the arts, and architecture
Recent Nobel Prize Winners

Orhan Pamuk

Edmund Phelps

Richard Axel
The Scholarly Temperament

For a university to thrive as a center of independent thought and learning in a society where public discourse seems increasingly polarized, it must reflect a scholarly temperament—a willingness to be open to multiple viewpoints on a subject, a resistance to the temptation to close one’s mind in the belief that one has the answers, or in extreme cases, the temptation to suppress the expression of strongly contradictory viewpoints.

“Of all the qualities that define an academic community, the scholarly temperament is perhaps the most vital to our mission,” President Bollinger wrote in a 2005 Los Angeles Times op-ed.

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