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Groundbreaking Work

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Richard Seager, Mingfang Ting, Yochanan Kushiner (Climate Change)

Their work illuminates the understanding of how anthropogenic climate change will impact the arid regions of the American Southwest.

The impact of anthropogenic climate change (that is, due to human activity) on the arid regions of Southwestern North America has implications for the allocation of water resources and the course of regional development. The findings of a new study, appearing in Science, show that there is a broad consensus among climate models that this region will dry significantly in the twenty-first century and that the transition to a more arid climate may already be underway. If these models are correct, the levels of aridity of the recent multiyear drought, or the Dust Bowl and 1950s droughts, will, within the coming years to decades, become the new climatology of the American Southwest. (Photo: Eric Nyre)
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